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Let’s face it, we sell what we use! We like to get out and play as much as (if not more than) the next enthusiast, so first and foremost we need to carry gear that works so we can get the most out of our time outdoors. So if you have questions about our products, chances are pretty good that someone knows a lot about it… just give us a call at 208-726-8818 or send us an email and ask your questions!

Year Round

Clothing & Outerwear
From the inside out, if you have the right clothing then your time in the mountains will be more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable. Whether it’s casual camp clothes or the latest technical outerwear, we have you covered.
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Service / Labor
Whatever you use to move around the mountains, sooner or later it needs a little TLC. Our experienced and enthusiastic shop crew can tune it, fix it, or upgrade it, whether “it” slides, rolls, or floats!
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The original way to get into the backcountry, and still one of our favorites. You could backpack every weekend in the mountains surrounding our valley and never see everything.
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Mountain Biking
The Wood River Valley is blessed with great riding and a great riding community. Whether you’re ripping lift served laps with a group of friends, or enjoying some solitude on the many miles of single track, we have the bike for you.
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Whitewater & Stand Up Paddleboarding
Idaho is called The Whitewater State for a reason! More miles of whitewater than anywhere in the lower 48, from fun family rafting day trips to technical multi-day kayak only runs. Add to the great whitewater the fun sport of stand up paddleboarding and you’re covered on moving or flat water.
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Avalanche Safety
Know before you go! Call or surf the Avalanche Report before going out in the winter, even if you’re just going into flat terrain. Once you know, make sure you have the right tools to travel safely in avalanche country.
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Backcountry Skiing
Great new tools have made the backcountry and side country accessible to everyone. New skis will keep you floating, new boots and bindings are stronger and lighter.
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Nordic Skiing
A great workout in some great locations, you can classic and skate ski up and down the valley all winter long. Nordic Week looks like a tradition here to stay, building buzz all winter long.
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Travel anywhere in snow country anytime. The newest generation of snowshoes are light, comfortable and easy to adjust.
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